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Service delivery

Our clients will be served through multiple delivery channels which will include core staff of NABIC, faculty of Kathmandu University School of Management, successful entrepreneurs as mentors and advisors, qualified and competent management and business professionals, national and international sectoral and functional experts.

Our service offerings are principally delivered through “business counselling” and “business incubation” approaches. These approaches require continued and committed engagement for a period ranging from three months to up to three years or more.

Business Counselling

Through business counseling we support clients to identify and discuss core business issues, evaluate alternatives and chart out a way forward. As opposed to business consulting, our business counselling services will lead to joint ownership of the strategies and implementation plans resulting from the counselling processing between clients and our highly qualified and competent business counsellors.

Business Incubation

Our business incubation services support start-ups and enterprises to reach their full potential through provision of holistic services required by our clients. Our business incubation services consist of three packages:


Pre-incubation: Services for entrepreneurs to translate their product ideas into demo products, product testing, market research and validation, development of a business plan and entrepreneurship training. This will be a cohort based program with duration of 4 months.


Incubation: Structured incubation program with wide-range of services to support growth of emerging high potential agri-enterprises. The incubation program duration will last a minimum of 12 months. This programme will also run on a cohort basis.


Intensive incubation: Holistic business services that support business development of high performing agri-enterprises to take them to a new growth trajectory. This program will also require engagement with us for a minimum of 12 months. This programme will admit clients on a rolling basis.

Service fees

We offer multiple and flexible options for payment of fees for the value-adding services that we provide our clients.

Details will be made available at the time of announcement of incubation services ‘call for applications”. For clients wishing to join the Intensive Incubation programme, payment options will be jointly discussed and agreed during the agreement signing stage.